Hello world.

This is me.

Hello, I am a programmer who is passionate about creating products that help people in their daily lives. I build websites, create apps and engineer backend solutions. I strive to build products that make people smile.

Perhaps I can help build yours…


-Matthijs Heuten

Web Development

A few of the things I've worked with include: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Twig, WordPress and Craft CMS.

App development

A couple of programming languages I've used include: Java, Kotlin, Swift and Flutter.

Full stack development

Building entire systems that work together seamlessly. From managing the database to building the clients.

People I've worked with.

Some quick answers.

I am a big aviation enthusiast. In fact, I fly glider aircraft as a hobby. For me personally aviation means freedom. A paper airplane represents a very simplistic take on aviation. I strive to combine both freedom and simplicity in my programming.

The symbol seemed like the perfect fit to me.

Sure I can! In fact, I have an entire company just for building awesome websites. Have a look here or send us an email at post@wizzlemedia.nl. Want to contact just me? Send me a message with the information listed below.

Yes I can indeed. I build apps using the newest languages like Kotlin and Swift. I also build apps in Flutter which runs on both type of phones.

I have worked with a few PHP oriented frameworks as-well as default PHP. I prefer to work with Laravel for backend projects. I have also worked with all in one systems like Firebase. 

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